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Diversity and Inclusion Statement

We are committed to providing the same resources and support for everyone struggling with thoughts of violence regardless of race, sex, orientation, or background.

  1. NVPH Hotline and Program:
    1. The National Violence Prevention Hotline (NVPH) and Programs will serve people of all ethnicities, socioeconomic status, and of diverse languages within the United States. It is meant to be national and we mean that in every sense—it is not aimed at serving any population above another. We follow the ethics provided by the National Board of Social Workers and the American Counseling Association, which are both explicitly anti-racist, embrace diversity, and pledge never to exclude anyone from services for any reason.
    2. To that end we, as the Board, are committed to embracing diverse ideas, backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints in order that the non-profit, the hotline, and programs may have the farthest reach and are effective for diverse peoples.
      1. Thus, the staff that will serve the community through NVPH will also be diverse in background, experiences, ethnicities, viewpoints, and languages spoken. We aim to staff NVPH  with speakers of English, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien and More), Tagalog (Filipino), Vietnamese, French and French Creole, Arabic, Korean, Russian, and German. We will determine needs by collecting data and expand services accordingly, using translation services when needed.
        1. Not only will this enable NVPH to communicate with people that call the hotline in their native language, but it will also enable clinical staff as well as administrative staff to collaborate on programming (non-violence in the community), and call scripts (interventions) that are culturally appropriate for each and every caller (person who texts or chats online with NVPH).
        2. We understand that homogeneity stunts the ability for even the most seasoned professionals and clinicians to get out of their comfort zones and can even prevent them from challenging core assumptions. We know from the field of counseling psychology that understanding one’s own origins and how these experiences may contribute to implicit bias is key to a healthy and effective clinician. Furthermore, if a person is able to effectively listen and learn from others with different cultural backgrounds and experiences, they will be a more effective clinician and collaborator . NVPH will provide all training needed and seek outside consultants to ensure the training is appropriate.
  1. The Non-Profit:
    1. We, The National Violence Prevention Hotline Board, are committed to providing an inclusive working environment for all, regardless of gender, age, gender identity, race, health status, national origin, relationship status, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and religion. We aim to welcome ALL people to work for our organization without judgment or cultural bias.
    2. We will hire based on qualifications with diversity and inclusion in mind. In fact, our board members have already proposed that we have a position that works on diversity and inclusion both within the organization, but also in the way NVPH works on interventions (as a hotline and prevention program). We will not actually start our operations without an expert running this department who will oversee Human Resources (the hiring), as well as consult on the appropriate clinical interventions (based upon the clinician as well as the potential callers).
    3. The Board Members are wanting NVPH to function to its fullest capacity and thus are more of an oversight committee. We are wanting to hire a clinical director, an outreach director, a director of diversity and inclusion, a government and emergency services liaison, along with the clinical staff and information technology staff that will be required to actually operate. We desire NVPH to function from a core set of values that honor diversity and inclusiveness as paramount.
  1. Evolution of NVPH
    1.  This is by no means our last diversity and inclusion statement. This is a statement that was crafted by our Board and reflects the current status of the organization (having just begun and consisting of unpaid volunteers).
    2. We pledge to continue updating our diversity and inclusion policy at least annually.
  1. Affirmation of Inclusion
    1. NVPH Board hereby pledges that no person has or ever will be excluded from services based on the diversity characteristics described in the policy above.
    2. NVPH Board hereby pledges that no person will be excluded from governance, employment or volunteer participation in NVPH as described in the policy above.
    3. NVPH Board members have all been involved in diversity and inclusion efforts in their own organizations, and schools. In fact, several board members were members of diversity and inclusion efforts during the 1990s. We all have a strong track record of working toward our own and other’s cultural competency.