The hotline is not yet live 24/7, but if you need immediate assistance, dial 911, or click here for resources

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Donate To The Cause

We are building up a network that will allow our nation to scale up its response and prevention of violence. Most importantly, NVPH is addressing the need for mental health services and strengthening our nation’s behavioral health system by targeting those may not typically participate. By contributing to our cause you are working to make your community a safer place. Every dollar counts- and is tax deductible. By contributing to our cause you will immediately make your community and the world a better place. Every dollar counts.

Sign The Petition

 It is the little things that makes a difference every day but it takes a village to make sustainable changes to impact the future generations. We need your support. By signing the petition to congress and SAMSHA, we can demonstrate that there is a vast community that is looking for new and innovated approaches to preventing violence and trauma in our communities. No more senseless deaths!

Send A Letter To Your Government Representatives

A 24/7 hotline requires a lot of staffing and support, and won’t be possible without government support. We need your help to deliver this information to your State and National representatives. Our team has organized a letter outlining many of the key factors representatives may look for. You can send this letter or your own in just a few clicks.